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Sometimes, singledom feels the best, and sometimes, it makes us feel the worst! Best, when we see couples around us fighting like dogs and cats and worst when we see them snuggling into each other, in front of us! But, what keeps the spirits of singles pumping is the plethora of memes that resonate with our feelings.

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Although some of this year's memes are pretty wholesome, most of them are weird. The love for absurd, surreal content is real. From family-centered TikToks to boy band deep cuts, the internet has had a ball during the last six months.

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Dating is pretty much the most hilarious thing ever. Going on first dates is nothing short of horrible most of the time, and no matter how hard you try to stay positive and keep going, that never really seems to change. You know those jokes about being single and sitting at home watching Netflix and eating pizza on the weekends?

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There are too many dating memes simply as they are as a relatable topic for memes as they come. Every man and women on this planet can relate to the same things that happen in every relationship, from a dock worker to a hipster barista, some things are universal. Unfortunately, things that make us infuriated.

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A certain kind of uncannily perceptive dating meme is thriving on Twitter and Instagram, and it is a welcome reprieve from feeds inundated with chatter about the Trump administration. That is, as a man who is unable to see a woman as anything other than a sexual object, what would be your reaction to such a scenario? Social media has transformed the intricacies of human interaction in a number of ways, but few are as apparent as in the realm of dating.

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What's the funniest thing that's happened to you while dating online? Check out our collection of cringeworthy Tinder failsor let us know yours in the comments below! By Michael Moran.

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Google has been around for almost two decades now. You'd think people would have figured this one out already. We won't tell your boss that anyone can do your job

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Online dating can be a fun way to connect with other singl How does anyone find love? If the future of the human race depends on people meeting on apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge, I'm not sure we even have to worry about global warming rendering our species extinct. Yet we all have that one friend who found their freaking soulmate by randomly swiping right at 2 a.

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Look, we know that the dating game can be hard, but we thought we could give you a couple laughs between dealing with the occasional non-committal playa or overly jealous woman. I mean having a few extra coints is essential; so make it rain! Dody Virgantoro??

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Dating can be a lot of fun. You meet new people, have new experiences, and maybe even indulge in a little romance. Also, sex.


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